Centimeter Studio's Sleeed chairs
slide together to stack horizontally


Maison&Objet 2014: Seoul-based Centimeter Studio's injection-moulded chairs slide along the floor on sledge-like bases to nestle into one another without being lifted (+ slideshow).

Sleeed chairs by Centimeter Studio

Centimeter Studio designed the polypropylene Sleeed chairs to slot together horizontally with only a 50-millimetre gap between each piece for maximum space-efficiency.

Stacks can be tipped on their end for storage in compact spaces.

Sleeed chairs by Centimeter Studio

Designed for use in public spaces, auditoriums and conference centres, the chairs mimic the design of a sledge.

Sleeed chairs by Centimeter Studio

"The chairs were inspired by the legs of a sledge to make them slide smoothly when being stacked," Centimeter Studio's Youngjun Yakup Yi told Dezeen.

Sleeed chairs by Centimeter Studio

"The way people use stacking chairs has always caught my eye," added Minsoo Vince Choi, Centimeter Studio's chief executive officer and head designer. "I'm interested in not only how a product looks and feels, but how it performs and functions for its user."

Sleeed chairs by Centimeter Studio

The curving backrest slopes down into diagonal front legs, which bend back to form flat rails along the floor.

Sleeed chairs by Centimeter Studio

These rails then curve back up to create the back legs, flattening out into the seat where they connect with the backrest.

Sleeed chairs by Centimeter Studio

The chairs are injection moulded in a single-piece, eliminating a significant amount of waste from the assembly process. Sleeed is currently produced in white, but can be made in any Pantone colour on demand.

Sleeed chairs by Centimeter Studio

Centimeter Studio launched Sleeed at Superstudio Group's Temporary Museum for New Design during Milan design week in April and will be showing the chair again at Maison & Objet in Paris from 5 to 9 September.

  • dvadv

    Cool chair. Always nice to see product design that is simple “looks, good, works well” on Dezeen after “look at me” twisted cutlery madness.

    • notwhy

      Maybe I don’t get the irony, but how is this chair simple? It is the most complex and unnecessary sculptural chair I have seen in a while.

      • This is a chair that can be dragged and stacked horizontally without the need to lift or fold, which makes it the most convenient stackable chair I’ve seen so far. And it looks comfortable too.

  • 8mismo

    The tooling for that thing must be monstrously heavy.

  • Romain_M

    Compared to the Panton Chair, this design looks rather over-engineered.

    True… Verner’s chair was stacked in a somewhat awkward way, but does horizontal stacking require such a complex design?

    I wonder if this could one day become the next Monobloc Chair, with a bit of fine tuning perhaps.

    • passing

      That chair made by injection casting… maybe it looks over-engineered, but it seems not to be a big matter.

    • Agree, it looks rather technical. Maybe in time we’ll see more sleek versions of this.