Architects design cat shelters
for animal charity fundraiser


A series of cat houses designed by Los Angeles-based architects were created for Architects for Animals "Giving Shelter" fundraiser this month (+ slideshow).

Architecture for Animals cat house by Formation Association and Edgar Arcaneaux
Formation Association and Edgar Arcaneaux

More than 12 architecture practices with local offices created a series of structures for a one-night-only exhibition and cocktail event to raise money for animal charity FixNation.

Architecture for Animals cat house by HOK

Among the designs are a tunnel by Formation Association and artist Edgar Arceneaux that is made up of criss-crossing timber beams, with a flat, solid section of wood on the top for cats to sit on.

Architecture for Animals cat house by Perkins + Will
Perkins + Will

HOK created a stack of transparent house-life structures, echoing Herzog & de Meuron's VitraHaus, contained within a larger house shape lined with materials more commonly used on cat-scratching poles. A miniature lawn at the front provides an additional area of texture.

Architecture for Animals cat house by DSH architecture
DSH architecture

Perkins + Will's contribution was a climbing tunnel formed of triangular pieces that were tied together to create an enclosed space with three openings – one at the bottom, one in the middle and one at the top.

Architecture for Animals cat house by Lehrer Architects
Lehrer Architects

DSH architecture wrapped fabric around a series of metal rings to create a sculptural object that doubles as a resting place for cats.

Architects for Animals - Standard Architecture and Design
Standard Architecture and Design

Concrete provided the main material for the cat shelter by Standard Architecture and Design, with a cube housing timber platforms and a protruding timber viewing platform at the rear.

Architecture for Animals cat house by Wolcott Architecture
Wolcott Architecture

Other participants included Wolcott Architecture, Abramson Teiger Architects, d3architecture, Lehrer Architects, NAC architecture, Pfeiffer Partners Architects, RNL, RTKL, and Space Int'l.

Architecture for Animals cat house by NAC architecture
NAC architecture

FixNation is a not-for profit Californian organisation that is dedicated to humanely controlling cat populations through a policy of trapping, neutering and returning the animals to where they were found.

Architecture for Animals cat house by RNL

"The architectural community in Los Angeles is outstanding," said Karn Myers co-founder of FixNation. "We are so grateful to the participating design firms who are generously devoting their talent, creativity and compassion in support of FixNation. Because of FixNation's programs and the dedication of hundreds of volunteers across the city and county, many cats are able to live healthier, happier lives."

Architects for Animals cat house by Space Int'l
Space Int'l

Tickets for the event, which took place last Wednesday in the showroom of furniture brand Herman Miller in Culver City, were $25 each with all profits going to the charity.

Architecture for Animals cat house by RTKL
RTKL. Photograph by Konnect PR

Photography is by Grey Crawford, unless otherwise stated.

Architecture for Animals cat house by Pfeiffer Partners
Pfeiffer Partners. Photograph by Found Animals
  • Cam

    My cat didn’t really find these designs particularly fun or useful, and she wondered if the DSH creation was even designed for cats?

  • The cat man

    CUTE CAT ALERT! This has made my day. Life is better with cats exploring pieces of architecture designed for them.

  • Carlos Pinheiro

    It seems that the world crisis led to the search of new clients. Too bad they can’t pay for themselves.

  • Aaron

    Haven’t humans suffered enough at the hands of architectural hubris? Surely we can spare animals the indignity.

    The first design is pretty much an object lesson in everything that was (is) wrong with so much modernist architecture.

  • IvyS

    Most projects here aren’t designed with cats in mind. To get rid of the smell of cat urine on my concrete floor is mission impossible.

  • The most important aspect of “cat furniture”, is how easy it is to remove the cat from it. You’d need a python to remove the cat from Formation Association’s.

  • Ana G.C.

    It’s cool but my cat can’t fit in any of those houses.

  • Steve the dog

    Cats are so lame.

  • Funny, the best ones were all made by firms in the “other participants included” category.

  • Andy

    The concrete one with the viewing platform looks like it might be some kind of cat Room 101. Insert cat and watch as it disappears!

  • dougmontgomery

    The concrete design with the precarious looking propped-up and unnecessarily heavy door is potentially dangerous. Like a mouse trap for cats.

  • Aaron

    On the same theme, this show by Brian Jungen was excellent:

  • MEOW by RTKL. Quite straightforward, lol!

  • Harrison Amannda

    Above given designs are ultimate and I loved it. I used to get constructed such designs from they have always amazed me with their unique and most appealing pieces of designs.