Dubai plans to build world's
tallest twin towers

Dubai Creek Harbour twin towers by Emaar Properties and Dubai Holdings

News: the massive 6 million-square-metre Dubai Creek Harbour development launched this week will include a pair of record-breaking towers, according to the developers.

Dubai Creek Harbour twin towers by Emaar Properties and Dubai Holdings

Developers Emaar Properties and Dubai Holdings have partnered to create a huge development on the Dubai waterfront, with six residential towers as well as a pair of rocket-shaped buildings they say will be the world's tallest twinned skyscrapers.

Although no architect has been officially named for the project, a masterplan design has been unveiled for the new district. This shows an area three times the size of Emaar's previous Downtown Dubai development, which houses the Burj Khalifa, the world's tallest tower.

Dubai Creek Harbour twin towers by Emaar Properties and Dubai Holdings

"Planned on an open site, Dubai Creek Harbour will combine the city with the natural contours of the creek," said a statement from Emaar. "With no legacy ties to infrastructure, this new Dubai will leapfrog many of the world's other global cities. The masterplan is an order of magnitude larger than Downtown Dubai and will support its commercial and cultural development."

The project will create 39,000 homes and 22 hotels, with the first residences being pre-sold from the beginning of November.

No start date has yet been set for construction of the centrepiece twin towers, whose height has yet to be confirmed, according to local newspaper The National.

Dubai Creek Harbour twin towers by Emaar Properties and Dubai Holdings

"When planning a project like this, you can't look at 2015. It's about the fundamentals of the city," said Emaar chairman Mohamed Alabbar at a press conference.

"I think all the stakeholders in Dubai in this business learnt their lessons and they have matured. What it boils down to is supply and demand."

The scheme replaces former plans for the area in downtown Dubai, which is called The Lagoons as it includes a cluster of islands just off the coast.

Dubai Creek Harbour twin towers by Emaar Properties and Dubai Holdings

The site is adjacent to the Ras Al Khor Wildlife Sanctuary, home to around 450 different animal species. Emaar said that the sanctuary would "remain sacrosanct", with the Dubai Creek Harbour plans including a new visitor centre that would bring "a message of sustainable biodiversity to new generations".

Other proposals for this area have included a Zaha Hadid-designed opera house and cultural centre – part of a masterplan for the area called The Seven Pearls that was put on hold when the worldwide financial crisis reached Dubai around the start of the decade.

  • Dani

    No bridge? :)

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    I don’t get it. Are there even enough billionaires in the world to occupy that place?

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    Come on guys, it’s not cool to cross swords.

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    So many buildings these days are just tall, nothing special, just tall. Tall for the sake of being tall.

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    Petronas Towers, smoothed version.

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    But how tall?

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    Dubai showing their liberal peace loving views with two giant phalluses proudly stood next to one another in a show of beautiful unity and acceptance.

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    But, but… it’s still Dubai.

  • Did any of the commenters bother to read the article? The towers are not planned yet. And the renderings are a conceptual extrusion from the master plan, which explains the ghostly phallic appearance.

    The old creek downtown is relatively rundown and can use a revamp. It’s a chance for Dubai to correct past planning mistakes, I hope.

  • JayCee

    Who cares? It’s in Dubai which might as well be Disneyland. In 50 years when the oil runs out that place will be an empty sandbowl with ugly pointy ruins sticking out of the dunes. But at least noone is going to fly planes into these ones.

    • Bennett

      Although less than 10% of Dubai’s economy is from oil – perhaps educate yourself with the full story before commenting like the keyboard warrior that you are!

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      Dubai is the only Emirate that can survive without oil, because there isn’t very much oil in the ground anymore. Other Emirates like Riyadh or Abu Dhabi wouldn’t be able to stay alive if they would not change their plan of approach.

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        Riyadh isn’t an Emirate. It’s the capital of Saudi Arabia.

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    Dubaians building tall structures to compensate for their small penis’.

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  • Twin towers at Dubai Creek Harbour! Another world-class masterpiece will soon rise in Dubai and will be a substantial inclusion to the foundation of Dubai real estate.