Sliding chipboard units create multifunctional
space in Madrid apartment


Moveable library-style shelving units slide from side to side to reveal and hide compartments that serve various functions in this Spanish apartment by Madrid-based PKMN Architectures (+ slideshow).


PKMN Architectures modified the interior of a single-storey flat to create a home and work space for local designer Yolanda Pila, in a project called All I Own House. The small apartment is situated in a housing estate in the north of Madrid and formerly belonged to the client's grandmother.

To maximise the functionality of the restricted space, the kitchen, bedroom and storage are housed within a series of moveable units made from heavily textured oriented strand board (OSB) – a material made from layers of compressed wood flakes.

All I Own House by PKMN

Positioned next to the bathroom in the corner of the apartment when fully closed, the storage units contain a fold-out bed, work surfaces and shelves.

All I Own House by PKMN

"Through a carefully made design, the combination of carpentry and the use of quite a simple industrial railing system, all the space in the house is arranged through three wooden, suspended, mobile and transformable containers," studio architect David Pérez García told Dezeen.

All I Own House by PKMN

"This space can be totally re-arranged in just a few seconds, thus allowing, in a variety of combinations with served space, to adapt the whole house according to specific needs for the use of space at the time, enabling infinite homes within a house."

All I Own House by PKMN

The large-scale units, which according to the architects take design cues from industrial storage systems, are intended to improve the layout of the compact living space.

All I Own House by PKMN

"The story is about dealing with storage of personal belongings and how their organisation and display is related to domestic experience," said the studio, whose previous projects also include a partially submerged culture and leisure centre in a former market square in Teruel, Spain.

All I Own House by PKMN

Mounted on casters and ceiling tracks, the wooden storage blocks can be moved along one side of the apartment with a floor made of patterned tiles. The three components are separated or grouped to serve a variety of functions.

All I Own House by PKMN

The first of the three units contains a fold-away kitchen work surface and storage on one side, while on the other a large circular chalk-board painted on the wall allows the client to sketch up ideas during meetings.

All I Own House by PKMN

The second block contains book shelves and a fold-out bed. The final unit provides further storage and book shelves, while wardrobes on the other side form a mobile dressing room opposite a glass-lined bathroom.

All I Own House by PKMN

A set of sliding panels can be pulled across to provide privacy for each of the areas.

All I Own House by PKMN

OSB was chosen for its strength and to manage budget constraints.

All I Own House by PKMN

"We are also very fond of its appearance. The textures it introduces into the house when used on furniture and flooring, contrasts the white finishing on walls," Pérez García said.

All I Own House by PKMN

The wood, which is also used to cover the floor in the other half of the space, is treated with sealing products that give it a water-resistant finish.

All I Own House by PKMN

Three sets of glazed double doors open from the wooden-floored space onto a large back garden.

Multi-functional and modular systems for small apartments have been popular recently, with recent examples including monolithic freestanding units by Porto firm ODDA and a space-saving apartment in Israel by Raan Stern.

Photography is by Javier de Paz García.

Video is by PKMN and Daniel Meré.

Project credits:

Structural Engineer: Mecanismo SL
Facilities Engineer: Alberto Espinosa
Builder company: Rusega SL
Carpentry: Alfredo Merino Caldas. Cantimpalos
Slide systems: Hepco
Ceramics: Mosaic del Sur

All I Own House by PKMN
Section one – click for larger image
All I Own House by PKMN
Floor plan arranged as a bedroom – click for larger image
All I Own House by PKMN
Section two – click for larger image
All I Own House by PKMN
Floor plan arranged as a kitchen – click for larger image
All I Own House by PKMN
Section three – click for larger image
All I Own House by PKMN
Floor plan arranged as a studio – click for larger image
  • copypastespain

    This is very similar to an already existing modular system. Actually, patented. The modules are exactly the same. I can’t find the inventor or company right now. No big effort from these Spanish architects.

    • what

      Any problem with Spain? Any need to specify “Spanish”? Why not just “architects”? Any kind of latinofobia?

      Do you think this is a modular design, cause I guess it is tailor-made? What is your idea of “the same”? Material? Dimensions? Guide system?

  • whyme

    Those OSB boards radiate a really nice relaxing odour. Nice!

  • Noemi

    Reminds me of the Particular Architects’ modular studio in Melbourne. Same same but different…

  • Stefanos S.

    This is a great idea already existing in museum archive storage spaces. The problem with this particular one is that it’s made of chipboard which is made with glue releasing toxins when you turn on the heating. You either cover the chipboard or don’t buy it, especially if you have children.

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