Design industry pays tribute to Richard Sapper on Instagram

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Design industry figures including Yves Behar, Clemens Weisshaar and Andrea Morgante have posted Instagram photos of their favourite products by Richard Sapper, who died on New Year's Eve.

Fuseproject founder Behar posted an image of the German industrial designer's Tantalo table clock, which was launched in 1971 by Italian brand Artemide. Its dial is set into the top of a curved stand, available in a range of colours. ThinkPad TrackPoint "nipple" by Richard Sapper

Weisshaar – co-founder of design duo Kram/Weisshaar – paid tribute with a photo of the small red trackpads on Sapper's ThinkPad computers for Lenovo. Located in the centre of the keyboards, these are officially called TrackPoints but are commonly referred to as "nipples".

Hong Kong-based curator Aric Chen also made reference to the nipple in the caption for his Instagram post, which shows an image of Sapper's iconic Tizio lamp. Produced by Artemide, the desk lamp was released in 1972 and features counterbalanced joints that transfer electricity without the need for cables.

One of my early memories of handling a good designed object. RIP maestro. #richardsapper #maestro #productdesign

A photo posted by Andrea Morgante | SHIRO STUDIO (@andrea_morgante) on

A red hairdryer that Sapper created for Milan department store La Rinascente in 1959 was posted by Italian designer Morgante. "One of my early memories of handling a good designed object," he commented.

I loved my ThinkPad and grew up with a Tizio lamp, but this is the #richardsapper design that everyone needs. RIP. A photo posted by Alexandra Lange (@langealexandra) on

Critic and Dezeen columnist Alexandra Lange chose Sapper's 1971 kitchen timer for Terraillon as her favourite of his designs. The small yo-yo-shaped object is included in the permanent collection at New York's Museum of Modern Art (MoMA).

PepsiCo's chief design officer Mauro Porcini uploaded a series of Sapper designs as a tribute. These included the conical Todo cheese grater for Alessi, the Italian brand he created some of his most iconic products for.

Dezeen editor Anna Winston also featured an Alessi product. She chose Sapper's 9091 kettle released in 1982, which has two whistles tuned to different notes so a harmony is produced when the water boils. Watch Alberto Alessi explain the story behind the design in our movie »

  • Charlie Bing

    I was given a Tizio lamp about 30 years ago, maybe more, and it is still one of my most treasured possessions, partly because of who gave it to me and partly because it is so singularly functional.

    In all that time, through numerous moves, the original bulb still works just fine, and the sculpture (that’s what it is, in the end) can still be put into almost any position you can imagine. Maybe they’ll offer an upgrade to the LED version…

    Thank you, Richard, you made many people’s lives better.