Herzog & de Meuron launches Objects shop to sell its furniture and homeware


Herzog and de Meuron Objects shop

Swiss architecture studio Herzog & de Meuron has launched an online shop to sell its collection of design objects, including coat hangers, stools and lighting.

The pieces on sale were created by the studio across the course of their architectural projects, dating back as far as 2002.

Herzog and de Meuron Objects shop
Herzog & de Meuron's Hocker stool is a result of experiments with turning a single block of wood. Main image shows the X-Hocker stool, which rests on cross-shaped legs

"In the process of designing and building projects, objects such as lamps, tables, stools or handles have successively emerged," said Herzog & de Meuron, which is currently working on a curved residential tower in New York.

"Many of these accumulated objects proved to be interesting and useful beyond the projects from which they initially originated," the studio added.

Herzog and de Meuron Objects shop
The Corker stool, carved from two blocks of waste insulation cork, is one of the nine objects for sale

"We therefore decided to develop some of these further – some within our practice, others with external producers – and to unite them in a kind of collection of things made available to us and to others."

The objects currently on sale include a pair of wooden hooks: one shaped like a funnel and one featuring a zig-zagging exterior. Both coat hangers are formed from single blocks of wood that have been turned in one movement.

Herzog and de Meuron Objects shop
There are two coat hangers on sale, a large one with a zigzag shape and a small one shaped like a funnel

The Corker stool is carved from blocks of waste insulation cork, and was originally designed for the firm's 2012 Serpentine Gallery Pavilion in London.

A second stool – the X-Hocker – rests on CNC-cut wooden legs that meet at a central point, while another seat originally created for Vitra features a dramatically ridged base made from solid birch.

Herzog and de Meuron Objects shop
The shop has nine lights available for purchase, including the wavy Pipe light

Several lights are also listed on the website, but are currently only available through the manufacturer.

These include a trumpet-shaped light made from die-cast aluminium, and a pendant lamp encased in metal fins designed in 2009 for the Actelion Business Centre in Switzerland.

Herzog and de Meuron Objects shop
Also for sale is the Tea light, which was designed as part of the Tenerife Espacio de las Artes in 2008

Also featured in the Objects shop is a snaking silicon and steel light, and a teardrop-shaped lamp that uses a polycarbonate shade to refract light from a vertical fibre.

Although only nine objects are included so far, the studio intends to add to the collection over time. The firm is also working on architecture projects that include designs for Chelsea FC's London stadium, and a Vancouver art museum shaped like a stack of wooden boxes.

  • J

    One would expect that an architect would create more interesting furniture…

    • max

      Define interesting.

      • J

        Other than basic. The table of the first image, or cork, is basic. They are not beautiful either. Years of study, many jobs under their shoulders, and make five pieces of wood glued together.

        I am a student of industrial design, and seeing this kind of thing disgusts me.

        • max

          You don’t seem to be a good student then. The X-Hocker for example doesn’t involve glue, but a very complex wood knot. Beautiful or not is your subjective opinion, but do you have other criteria to judge?

          • J

            All criteria are subjective. Nothing is objective.

    • Guest

      To them, anything they lay their hand to becomes interesting.