Masquespacio designs toadstool-shaped furniture for Missana


Valencia studio Masquespacio's debut furniture collection for Spanish brand Missana features chairs and tables shaped like the rounded tops of toadstools.

Masquespacio's Toadstool collection is characterised by its colourful fabrics and rounded shapes, and includes a two-seater sofa, a table and a series of poufs.

Inspired by the colours used in works by Postmodern design group Memphis, the studio opted for a bold palette of mint and forest greens, salmon pink and deep navy.

Toadstool furniture by Masquespacio

Each piece sits upon stacked circular stands reminiscent of MPGMP's Sottsass-inspired pedestals. These platforms are available in marble, wood or golden plated metal.

The 1980s Memphis movement has recently seen a resurgence in popularity, with brands like Kartell relaunching products and designers including Camille Walala using its bold shapes, colours and patterns as references for new work.

"The collection and the material itself are what best represents our studio," Christophe Penasse told Dezeen. "We don't like to be seen as a design studio with one particular style."

Toadstool furniture by Masquespacio

"We were inspired mainly by Memphis and the actual visual culture hidden by the blend of materials and colours we used," he added.

"We feel that the colour combinations mix a strong bold colour with a vivid one," he continued. "That mix is shown clearly through the whole collection both for the fabrics as well for the leg materials."

Fans of Belgian fashion designer Raf Simons, the studio chose fabrics from his collection for Kvadrat to upholster each piece.

Toadstool furniture by Masquespacio

"The collection mixes Raf Simons' Vidar 2 fabric for Kvadrat and Tonus 3 from the same brand," said Penasse. "Ana – our art director and designer from the collection – loves fashion, and as a consequence Raf Simons' work."

Masquespacio was launched in 2010 by designers Ana Milena Hernández Palacios and Christophe Penasse. Other projects by the Valencia studio include a gadget repair shop fitted out in hospital-like colours, and a law firm's office with clusters of empty picture frames on its walls.

Photography is by Cualiti Photo Studio.

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    Picture is super nice but there is not furniture design there.

    • spontaneousformsoffurniture

      That’s weird, I swear there is furniture in those pictures. I suppose those forms just formed themselves.

      • ad

        Then in your opinion whatever form you are putting together is making a piece of furniture? Sorry but to design furniture is more than to put shapes together without reason.

        You can see that is a nice graphic exercise but nothing more.

      • design with purpose

        I agree with ad. I thought it was an installation, where is the comfort? I love the Memphis movement, but that doesn’t mean that because now it is trendy that everyone has to use it.

  • Bearer of Truth

    It would seem they were inspired by Brancusi.