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Domestic presents new designer "Vynils"

Domestic presents new designer "Vynils"

French vinyl company Domestic's new collection of interior vinyls for 2007 includes designs by Studio Job, Bertjan Pot, Wieki Somers and Ineke Hans.

The self-adhesive "Vynils" are marketed as an alternative to wallpaper and can be used over existing paintwork on walls, ceilings and floors as well as furniture. And doors. And windows.


Above: Golden Birds by Ineke Hans


Above: Creepy Crawlies by Ineke Hans


Above: Graffiti for Beginners Pink by Bertjan Pot (also comes in green)


Above: Shady Tree by Wieki Somers


Above: Panthéon Circle Black by Studio Job (also comes in silver and gold)

Above: Zoo Vache by Adrien Gardère57-gd-v099.jpg
Above: Zoo Vache by Adrien Gardère

Above: Souvenirs by Constantin and Laurene Boym