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Boxes by five Japanese architects: Deroll curated by Eizo Okada

Eizo Okada, editor of influential Tokyo-based design blog, is curating an exhibition during Tokyo Design Week called Deroll. Okada has invited five Japanese architects to create a box, each of which has been "conceived, designed and constructed personally by each designer".


The exhibition takes place at ars gallery in Omotesando (see map) from 31 October to 4 November. Top image: Drawer by Makoto Yamaguchi. Above: Little Gardens by Junya Ishigami. Below: Specimen of Treasure by Yuko Nagayama


Details and more images follow:


Press Release 14 October 2007

DEROLL Commissions Series 1: box
ars gallery / 31 October - 4 November 2007

Five architects, whose reputations extend to the fields of art and design, have been given a brief to each create a unique piece of work to the theme"box". The five works exhibited have been conceived, designed and constructed personally by each designer.


insect cage by Ryuji Nakamura
A insect cage made by Laser Lithography. Diameter of frame is 0.3mm.


Above: RGB delay camera by Hideyuki Nakayama
A camcorder with video-delay system. red-green-blue images, each can be run in real time or delayed for from a second to 2 days.


Above: specimen of treasure by Yuko Nagayama
10 treasures (little girl beloved) boxed in transparent cube. Treasures have nothing in it and you can put small object in it.


Above: little gardens by Junya Ishigami
370 small containers made of silver, for making little gardens on the table. Each pieces has different shape.


Above and below: DRAWER, 2007 by Makoto Yamaguchi
Stacked wood blocks with hidden drawers.