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Steckelhoern 11 by J Mayer H

Architects J Mayer H have released details of Steckelhoern 11, an office development in the centre of Hamburg, Germany that will be built in the next two years.


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Details of Steckelhoern 11 from the architects:


Press Release

The project “Steckelhoern 11” is located in the old centre of Hamburg, in between the cities main commercial areas and the new, highly noticed “Hafen City” development. It replaces a ruinous building formerly used as a storage facility and fills in the gap between two historic premises.

The triangular shaped lot stretches across the city block, thus allowing for a narrow facade of about 1.3m width facing the harbor and a main facade of about 26.4m oriented towards Steckhoern street. The vertical design of the latter references the architectural composition of the neighboring historic facades while the soft setbacks pay tribute to the existing volumes as well as to height regulations. Cantilevered elements in the main facade create a series of specific spatial qualities on the inside and outside.

The height development strengthens the appearance of the building towards the “Speicherstadt” and articulates a special moment in the skyline of the historic city centre. The particular geometry of the floor plan is the basis for the organization of the building, which architecturally and programmatically presents itself openly to Steckelhoern street while at the same time forming a characteristic landmark when perceived from the historic “Speicherstadt” and new “Hafen City”.

As the ground level is conceived either as a spacious lobby for the main tenant or a public cafe, the upper floors provide for generous, flexible office space, most of it allowing a view of the “Katharinenkirche” and/or the “Hafen City”. The top floors provide additional outside space on balconies/loggias and a roof terrace, offering a spectacular panoramic view over the old and new city of Hamburg.

J Mayer H Architects
project team: Juergen Mayer H., Hans Schneider, Wilko Hoffmann, Marcus Blum

Project: 2007-2009
Completion: 2009
Client: Cogiton Projekt Altstadt GmbH, Hamburg

Architect on Site: Imhotep, Donachie und Blomeyer
Sturctural Engineers: Lydia Thiesemann, WTM
Building Services: Energiehaus, Sineplan
Model: Werk5