Uboot stand by Hackenbroich Architekten

Hackenbroich Architekten used 1280 suspended ribbons to create an exhibition stand for social networking site uboot.com.

The stand was built for the Online Marketing Düsseldorf show in September.

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The architects sent us the following text:


The design is based on a single volume hovering above the stand. This volume consists of 1280 textile ribbons of different lengths suspended from the ceiling. The end of the ribbons form a surface that creates differentiated spaces with a variation of intimacies. Beside this open space created by the ribbons, the single volume itself is permeable; the ribbons are more a filter than a barrier.

uboot.com is a company that provides an internet platform for a youth network with blogs, galleries and videos. The company desired a stand with a lounge atmosphere adequate for the business environment with an innovative configuration representing the youth groups of social network platform in the internet.


Posted by Rose Etherington