Elastic House by Etienne Meneau

French sculptor Etienne Meneau's Elastic House is a concept for an unstable hut in the middle of a lake.

Meneau envisages the hut as a refuge from the world where exposure to the elements helps to re-balance those who choose to spend time there.

The flexible structure flexes with the weather and waves.

Here's some text from Meneau:



When all goes well, when bore threatening,
Take your boat and go to live a while
In your hut in the middle of a lake.
Here you will recover instability:
Every wave becomes dangerous,
Even words must be weighed.
And with a little luck,
Storm rising,
Everything will be swept away...

The elastic houses are made for those who like instability and feeling precarious, who like to be awakened by the sound of the rain, those who like to sleep under upturned boats.

They will be recalled at any time to the realities of gravity, rocked by wind and earthquakes.

The elastic houses therefore demand of their inhabitants a strong sense of balance and a real taste for experimentation.