Trans Artists documentation room by Overtreders W

Dutch design studio Overtreders W have completed a documentation room at the Amsterdam headquarters of Trans Artists, an organisation that coordinates artist-in-residence opportunities around the world.


The facility includes a 10m-long table where visitors can read information about residencies that are filed in plastic folders suspended above the table.


The files are cross-referenced to numbered pins stuck in maps on the wall, which show the locations of the residency opportunities.


Photos are by Jorn van Eck.


Here's some info from Overtreders W:


Overtreders W (Tresspassers W) is a young dutch design studio, based in an old paint factory near Amsterdam. We design everything that is bigger than a single piece of furniture and smaller than a building.


For Trans Artists, a foundation providing information about artist-in-residence oportunities around the world, we designed the interior of their new office. The old tiled floor and the high windows in Trans Artists' accommodation reminded us of a classical school building. This led to the materialisation of the items we designed; the wooden furniture and the linoleum that covers it refer strongly to schools.


An important but oddly shaped part of the space is used as a documentation centre that people can visit to find information about artist-in-residence opportunities. The 10 meter long table we designed fits neatly into this narrow corridor. Numbered plastic bags above the long table contain information about all locations.


The numbers on the bags correspond with a location on one of the three maps on the wall. A colour code indicates the type of artist-in-residence opportunity. Someone looking for an artist-in-residence opportunity can sit at the table to study the information provided. The table can also be used for workshops and beamer presentations. In the same style, we designed desks and a bulletin board.