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Alpine Capsule by Lovegrove Studio

Lovegrove Studio, the London-based office of designer Ross Lovegrove, have designed a mountain living unit called Alpine Capsule.


The proposed capsule has a diameter of eight metres, is made from acrylic with a reflective coating and has a 360 degree view.


Photovoltaic technology and vertical wind turbines provide power for the capsule, where visitors can stay overnight in the Italian Alps.


The project will be officially presented by Ross Lovegrove at Alta Badia, Italy, in December and construction will begin in 2010.


Update: more images and information in our more recent story.

Here's some more information from Lovegrove Studio:



The Alpine Capsule, designed by Lovegrove Studio in London, will be located in Piz la Ila (Alta Badia, Italy) at 2100 meters of altitude, surrounded by the beautiful frame of the Dolomites.


The Alpine Capsule will be a compact living unit offering the opportunity of overnight stays giving a spectacular 360-degree view while admiring the stars and the surrounding environment.


Featuring an approximate diameter of 8 meters the external envelope will have a double acrylic structural skin, coated with a special mirror finish: as a result the external surface of the Alpine Capsule will reflect the surrounding environment, de-materializing its appearance. From the inside the guests will be able to appreciate the panorama under any weather condition.

The Alpine Capsule will be completely “off-the-grid” and energy independent; the necessary energy will be supplied by external “power plants”, using solar photovoltaic technology integrated with vertical wind turbines.

The interior will create a seamless, soft three-dimensional environment allowing the guests to relax and experience the Dolomites in a whole new different way. The project will commence on site in the beginning of 2010.

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