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Primewine Bar by Sandellsandberg

Swedish architects Sandellsandberg have completed a wine bar located on the corner of a busy square in Stockholm, Sweden.


The designers clad the walls and ceiling in brass plates, decorated with reliefs and perforations that represent a grapevine.


The plates cover the ventilation system and have integrated lighting, making the walls appear to shine and glow.


The following information is from Sandellsandberg:


Primewine AB is an up and coming importer of wine from all over the world. The assignment given to us was to design a wine bar that could function both as a public bar as well as a showroom.

The Wine Bar is located at one of the four corners at Östermalmstorg in Stockholm. The square is intense and busy with people circulating 24-7. The premise has an area of 70 sqm and has large windows facing the square. Our intention was to give the wine bar a warm and glowing atmosphere, both out towards passers-by on Östermalmstorg as well as customers visiting the bar.


120 unique plates of brass cover the upper part of the walls and the entire ceiling, indoors as well as outdoors. The plates feature a relief of extrusions and perforations creating a large-scale motif of grapevines. The pattern also improves acoustics as well as covering the ventilation system. The plates have densely-integrated light bulbs making the brass shine and glow.


The elegant brass is mixed with more low-cost materials such as masonite for the lower parts of the walls and for the fixed furniture. The shiny epoxy floor and legs of the tables are rendered in classic British racing green colour. The tabletops and bar top are made of white marble, which together with pale overhead lighting provides ideal conditions for wine tasting. The wine bar has become a popular meeting place, both for wine connoisseurs as well as average frequenters.


Above: Interior elevations

Project Information

Name: Primewine Bar
Location: Östermalmstorg 58, Stockholm
Area: 70 sqm indoor, 15 sqm outdoor
Architects: Johan Arrhov, Henrik Carlsson, Thomas Sandell