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Mobile by Christian Halleröd and Johannes Svartholm

Mobile is a furniture installation created by artists Christian Halleröd and Johannes Svartholm for non-profit arts company Mossutställningar.


The installation consists of four frames containing basic furniture forms.


"The four pieces are used separately or in formations so as to create variations such as a room, function as room dividers, a stage, complex sculptural structures or labyrinths," say the artists.


Mobile will be exhibited with collective Gelitin this summer. The units were used last year as part of a touring exhibition called Los Angeles by French artist Sophie Calle, which began at Vädurens service flats complex in Stockholm.


These photos show the modules at Mossutställningar's office in Stockholm.

Here's some more information from Mossutställningar:


When Mossutställningar was founded a number of thoughts circled in the discussions. We wanted to make Stockholm a more open city, a city that today is characterized by premises left empty and locked awaiting price inflation. Mossutställningar also found a lack of art in public spaces, art that not necessarily is categorized as street art or public decoration. Inspired by art producers such as Creative Time, SKOR and Art Angel, we wanted to work with artists to produce unexpected meetings and situations, for us and the city's citizens.


Collaboration with designers Christian Halleröd and Johannes Svartholm was initiated early on to find a flexible form, within which we could exist and to be used in any given context: in the middle of a square, in a lake, on TV or at a dump. The commission was to find a form that symbolized our mobility and at the same time admitted our need of a working space. We also wanted their help to mirror this phase of our trials both structurally, conceptually and financially.


The concept that Christan Halleröd and Johannes Svartholm presented consisted of four unique, sculptural modules. Each module represents archetypes from the classic office space, and are shaped with a playful idea of being scattered within the frame of the module. The four pieces are used separate or in formations so as to create variations such as a room, function as room dividers, a stage, complex sculptural structures or labyrinths. The furniture has a strong graphic aesthetics which gives it a solid identity in any context it might be exposed to. The form is made flexible to best suite Mossutställningar’s goal to develop within three years.


Sophie Calle; Touring exhibition starting from Vädurens service flats

In September the work ”Los Angeles” by French artist Sophie Calle moved into “Väduren” a service flats complex in Stockholm. Four persons volunteered to provide space for this rather massive work. Bill, Knut, Lars-Åke and Ulla each shared their flat with 20 black and white photos and just as many texts during one week. As the title implies the piece was made in Los Angeles, where Sophie Calle asked 20 persons – since Los Angeles means the city of angels, where are the angels?


The answers and the photography’s of the asked persons portray a city with many different beliefs and perspectives. Angels has by tradition come to mean a protecting hand in cooperation with god, but they are also believed to be present on earth taking the shape of children, family or the citizens. One of the asked persons tell his story on how his hope for the city of dreams disappeared, another one tells where you still can find it. Sophie Calles work often shapes as picture novels, a combination of image and text. These series shows how Sophie Calle produces playful frameworks of rules, which she strictly follows.