Konjaku-an by Inly Design

Japanese designers Inly Design have designed a combined bakery, dried food store and cafe in Osaka, Japan.


Multiple lamps hang from the ceiling on cables originating from a central light fitting.


Here's some text from the designers:


Project name: Konjaku-an

A bakery and a dried food store and a coffee shop. It is the shop which three types of industry mixed.


"Konjaku-an" makes cooking and bread with a cooking ingredient and the wisdom that there is from Japanese ancient times. It is from a reason to want modern people to know a Japanese good point once again.


The place was located in Osaka at Japan.


The handcrafted bread uses domestic wheat and uses almost organic food of other material every day.


The bread pursues Japanese style or the taste of the "Konjalu-an" style with those food.


The dried foods called "Kanbutsu" in Japan are preserved food to be come down from old days. They make the bread of the Japanese style with this "Kanbutsu" and offer Japanese traditional lunch.


Japanese "now and old days" coexisted, and we wanted to take the new style that and was free from the traditional approach in the design of the store.


For example,
"old days."
Old footing board, a worn-out farm implement, the table of the antique, a bamboo colander, etc.


And "now."
The pendant of the umbrella. A lighting equipment of the construction spot use. The partition which I made using a hula-hoop.etc.


Especially “now” It is not the product of new technology, it is that already, changing point of view, it uses the product which was used with another use in new use. I tried to be specialized in the idea.


The area is 116.18m. It opened on March 20