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Move Your Energy by Novague

Prague design studio Novague have proposed a rocking chair containing a dynamo that powers a reading light.


The rocking motion is converted to electricity that powers the light.


Here's some info from Novague:


Move Your Energy is a power-independent rocking chair with a LED lamp designed especially for reading. The lamp is run by dynamo which changes the mechanic energy obtained by rocking to electric energy. You produce energy needed for lighting on your own.


A simple kinematic arrangement is placed beneath the seat. Mechanism is similar to those used in steam engines and it works together with a sliding lever that runs a flywhell disc while you rock. Produced energy is either deposited in batteries or it supplies the LED lamp.

The principal aims of this concept were to arouse a discussion about „How to achieve the energetic self-sufficiency in the future“ and to make public think about how much energy we could save if we produce energy needed for common day-to-day activities on our own and moreover by amazing and spontaneous way that is friendly to enviroment.