Mesblock by Robert Knight

Eindhoven designer Robert Knight has created a collection of products including a knife-block shaped like a cat.


Knight makes the knife-blocks, called Mesblock, from polyurethane in his own work shop.


Other pieces in the collection, produced for Knight's graduation project, include an ash tray with space for fifty users to rest their cigarettes, an arm-rest attachment for tools used by municipality workers and a brass knuckle stamp for producing his own business cards.


Here's some more information from Knight:


About my view on humor, design and life.

‘Humor' was the starting point in this project. I had to investigate what humor is, why we laugh, forms of humor and things like my ‘sense of humor’. This research all came together in my essay about ‘humor & design & I’. To communicate my ‘sense of humor’ I used a black book for all my idea’s and sketches. And from this I made a selection of four and worked them out into final designs.’


Information about the four designs:

Title: Take 5
Material: epoxy

This prototype is for the 5 min. breaks that municipality workers have during the day.


Title: Congratulations
Material: bronze

When I found my project title I immediately combined it with the brass knuckle idea. Not for violence but for company cards.


Title: Socialcircle
Material: steel

Because of the new smoking policy in Holland people have to stand in the rain. So to make smoking outside a bit nicer I designed a big ashtray.


Title: Mesblock
Material: polyurethane

This design explains itself, like it or hate it. I produce them myself in series’ of 10.


I live and work in Eindhoven (The Netherlands). I have a little workshop where I try to produce everything myself.