Kaarsrecht Glas by Pascal Smelik

Dutch graduate Pascal Smelik has created a collection of wine glasses by plunging hot wax into cold water and making casts from the resulting forms.


Called Kaarsrecht Glas, the project involved dropping a box of hot candle wax into cold water.


As the top layer of wax hardens it begins to float, drawing up the wax below and forming the stem.


The cups are made by dipping a balloon filled with cold water into hot wax until several layers form.


The two components are then joined and used to make a mould, from which the glasses are cast.


Smelik completed the project while studying at the Utrecht School of the Arts in the Netherlands.


Here's some text from the designer:


The inspiration for my product is the idea that every product has a unique shape. For the wineglasses I have dropped a heavy bucket of hot wax in high box of cold water. What happens is, the bucket will land on the bottom of the box with cold water.


The first liquid hot candle wax that comes in contact with the cold water becomes solid and wants to float, so bizarre shapes grow out of the bucket to the water surface.


These shapes i will use for the stem of my wineglass. The cup is a different story, i fill up a balloon with water dip it a few times in a bucket of hot candle wax. After a while when it is thick enough i pop the balloon and the cup is there. To turn it into a glass piece, i used the kiln cast technique. Break open the mould, and the wineglass is finished.