Oogst 100 Community by Tjep

Here is the second of three proposals by Dutch designers Tjep. for self-sufficient farms - this time aiming to to house and provide food for up to 100 people within a diametre of 400 metres.


Called Oogst 100 Community, the proposal is designed to sustain a community of up to 100 people by providing them with everything they need including energy, heat, oxygen, food and waste management.


Like Oogst 1 Solo (see our previous story), Oogst 100 Community mimics a natural ecosystem.


It contains a greenhouse for crops to be grown in, fields for livestock and a windmill to harness all the energy needed for the community.


See our previous story for more details of the project, called Oogst, which will be presented at Design Huis in Eindhoven next week as part of an exhibition called Boer zoekt stijl, curated by Li Edelkoort.


Here's some more information from Tjep.:


Inspired by the Greenhouse Village, a visionary and realistic project regarding process integration between agriculture and housing, we calculated that theoretically with the usage of the proposed high-end self sufficient greenhouse technology, it should be possible to house and provide food for a community of 100 people within a diameter of 400 meters.


Oogst 100 Community is a self-sufficient farm for 100 people. The residents are all farmers. In the central greenhouse, all necessary crops are grown, the surrounding fields are for livestock. The central windmill provides all the necessary energy. Water is mainly collected condensed water from the greenhouse. An irrigation system makes navigation on electricity possible.


Studies by Dumbar (Dumbar's Number) show that communities of between 100 and 150 people are the most optimal and harmonious. Therefore, the concept never grows beyond 100 people but it can be multiplied to form a complete society. A society without shopping centers, banks, roads, cars or airplanes.


From community to society:

When we take this community of 100 people, taking a space of 400*400 meters as a unit, and cover the entire surface of the Netherlands, we can calculate how many people could theoretically fit in the the Netherlands in a sustainable manner.


400 * 400 = 160.000 m2 = 0.16 km2

41.526 / 0.16 km2 = 259.537,5 units

259.537,5 units * 100 pers = 25.953.750 people

Maximum amount of people in the Netherlands: 25.953.750 people

Today we are at +- 17.000.000 people

In short, a new hi-tech agricultural society, the agricultural version of the Matrix.