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Delicatessen FugasLusas by EXTRASTUDIO Arquitectura

FugasLusas is a delicatessen with a decorative perforated ceiling, designed by Portuguese practice EXTRASTUDIO Arquitectura.

The fretwork is made of laser-cut plywood with the same pattern as the tiles cladding the shop's counter.

Deep shelves in the white walls display produce and the space is furnished with hardwood chairs and marble tables.

Here's some text from the architects:



EXTRASTUDIO has completed FUGAS LUSAS, a Delicatessen/ Café in Setúbal, Portugal.

Set on the historical district in Setúbal, the project insists on customization in order to create unique spacial or material qualities.

Taking advantage of low-tech traditional materials used side-by-side with technological processes EXTRASTUDIO has been addressing the creation of a specific material universe as a key element in each project.

Commissioned by a young Economics professor to develop a concept for a Portuguese delicacies shop that would also work as a café, the project represents an effort to revitalize the historical district of Setúbal, creating a new meeting point in the city.

The construction works started with the opening of a large window front, exposing the café to the square, as a preview for the future terrace. New shelves were carved on the thick exterior walls to display a wide range of products.

Combining two complementary functions required the creation of a unique space, one that should be as extraordinary as the products the client was proposing to sell and as cozy as a neighborhood café.

The bar, clad with typical Portuguese ceramic tiles, divides the working areas from the public space.

In the ceiling, laser cut plywood panels; duplicate the pattern used on the counter tiled walls.

The furniture is composed by a set of used hardwood chairs from the old assembly room of Setúbal’s Fish Industry Union, together with tables with marble tops from Alentejo.

Place: Largo Francisco Soveral 5, Setúbal, Portugal
Type: shop/delicatessen Area: 35 m2

Date: January 2007
Client: Rogério Silveira

Project team: João Ferrão, João Costa Ribeiro, Madalena Atouguia and Sónia Oliveira

Contractor: Sérgio Cachão unipessoal lda Photographs: João Morgado