Chair-4a by Michael Young

Hong Kong designer Michael Young has created a dining chair made of recycled aluminium.

The uprights are made of sheet aluminium, rolled into tubes to form legs and the backrest but opened out to meet each corner of the seat.

Called Chair-4a, the piece was originally designed for Hong Kong restaurant SML but will be released in Japan and Europe early next year.

Young exhibited the design as part of Vienna Design Week last month.

Here's some more information from Michael Young:



Part of the ‘WORKS IN CHINA’ collection

Michael Young has designed Chair-4a as part of his extendd “Works in China” collection, that will be launched globally in early 2010 in Japan and Europe. Created as part of Alexi Robinson’s interior for hip restaurant group SML, the project was designed for local launch in Hong Kong earlier this year.

The project explores new technologies and typologies made available only by working with highly skilled engineering facilities in Shenzhen, China.

For Young the chair was developed through observation of Mac book industries:

“I realised that if I could capture the engineering skills employed by local industry and put that depth of knowledge in aluminium research in furniture design using a similar mass-produced nature, I could design a state-of-the-art and relevant chair.

"In recent years chairs have taken all nature of shape and form due to the use of plastics, but plastic in itself is not a pleasant material to use. Its tactility and its aging process are highly unpleasant. For the same price I can use recycled aluminium and in fact create a more sustainable chair that also creates jobs rather than having a man just pressing a button.

"The tooling is complex but we created a chair that lasts a lifetime, engineered beyond plastic technology and far more sustainable,” says Young.

Chair-4a will be released in Europe and Japan early 2010 and comes in a number of finishes including leather seat inserts and floor pegs. Young concludes, “This chair pays homage to all the things I love.”

This chair will be sold exclusively by DD-3.