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Saint-Etienne by Sophie Françon and François Mangeol

French designers Sophie Françon and François Mangeol have collaborated to create a range of modular school furniture.

Called Saint-Etienne, the series was designed for the new building of the  Ecole superieure d'art et design Saint-Etienne in France.

The project comprises chairs, stools and benches, and worktops with trestles in various heights.

The furniture can be stacked or dismantled for storage.

Photographs are by Johan Meallier.

Here's some text from the designers:


It's  a project of office furniture design.  Saint-Etienne is an order of Saint-Etienne Metropole with the agreement of the Cité du design, the architect and the school for the new building of the school of art and design which joined the Cité du design inaugurated in October 2009.

It proposes various complementary typologies of seats, and heights of work-top. In this particular case for the students of the new building of the school of Arts and design of Saint-étienne in the Cité du design; but it could be imagined in lots of design studios or actually in every studio looking for office furniture as modular as possible.

The range is currently being sold by Souvignet Design, Saint-Etienne, France.