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Dezeen's traffic grows 90% in 2009

Dezeenwire: traffic to Dezeen grew by just over 90% in 2009 compared to the previous year. Read on for more stats...

We had a total of 11,894,039 visits during the year, compared to 6,250,143 in 2008 (+90.30%). We had a total of 3,942,811 absolute unique visitors and 35,515,137 page views.

Our most popular category was architecture, with 794,258 visits. Interiors was our next most popular category, followed by jobs.

Our most popular story was Minimal Dresses by Digna Kosse, with 130,841 visits, narrowly beating Takasugi-an (teahouse on stilts) by Terunobu Fujimori, which got 117,853.

The biggest proportion of our visitors (4,513,595 or 37.95%) come directly to the site. The biggest referring site is Google (organic search) with 2,600,270 visits (21.86%), followed by StumbleUpon with 425,632 (3.58%).

The biggest growth in referrals came from Facebook (239,749, up 1,803.53%) and Twitter (114,295 referrals, up 7,848.19%).

All figures are from Google Analytics.


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