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Residence O by Andrea Tognon

Italian studio Andrea Tognon have refurbished a building with an L-shaped floor plan in Teolo, Italy, by adding the missing corner.

The new extension of the two-storey building incorporates a glazed section spanning from the ground to the roof.

Called Residence O, the project also involved replacing the existing overhanging roof with one that sits flush with the edges of exterior walls and a complete redesign of the interior.

Here's some more information from Andrea Tognon architecture:


TEOLO, 2008/10

The building we were call to refurbish was built in the 70's as imitation of vernacular architecture of the Veneto countryside area.

Was looking pretty fake. The floor plan was a square were a corner was missing (so was an L shape).

The roof was a concrete slab juting out in a very inelegant and bad proportionated way. So we decide to add the corner that was missing to complete the square floor plan.

Because the total redefinition of the insulation parameter we reshape the profile of the building cutting the old roof edge and redesign the junction between roof and perimetrical walls.

The entire interior layout was redesign, all the walls and roof insulated, the heating system switched to solar energy.