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Design Bar by Jonas Wagell at Stockholm Furniture Fair

Stockholm 2010: designer Jonas Wagell of Sweden created an installation representing the forest and the city for the Design Bar at the Stockholm Furniture Fair last week.

The area was divided into two parts with the bar labelled "the industry" and the VIP area labelled "the forest".

Furnished with Wagells' own furniture and lighting, the two spaces had large balloons suspended from the ceiling representing white clouds over the forest and black smoke for the industrial theme.

Cutouts in the shape of mountains and trees were positioned on the forest side, and corresponding buildings and clouds of smoke on the other.

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The text below is from the Stockholm Furniture Fair:

Stage design and and graphics in the Design Bar

The task of designing the Design Bar at the Stockholm Furniture Fair and Northern Light Fair in 2010 has been awarded to the architect and designer Jonas Wagell. It will be a three-dimensional installation playing with colour, form, and spatial interpretation.

Jonas Wagell's Design Bar is a meeting place and a resting place, meant to simultaneously inspire, evoke emotions and surprise. With simple interpretation and distinct forms, he wants to create an expressive environment where people linger.

"I want to use small means and simple materials to create an environment with grand expressions and strong character. Trade fairs are temporary structures, hastily erected only to be torn down within days. Instead of bulding an environment that tries to be something more than this, I see an exciting challenge in embracing the temporary and creating a spatial presence with a glance at stage design and graphics, rather than glamorous, polished architecture," Jonas Wagell says.

"We have some news for 2010. One of them is the relocation of the Design Bar to the newly built part in Hall A/Eastern Entrance. Other news for next year is that we will have a VIP Lounge next to the Design Bar," says Cecilia Nyberg, Project Manager for Stockholm Furniture Fair and Northern Light Fair.

Jonas Wagell has been commissioned to do the overall design, and also design the VIP Lounge. The area will consist of two separate sections. They have the same conceptual structure, but with very different emotional and spatial expressions. In the bar, snacks are served, and the visitor can relax with a drink or a cup of coffee, while the secluded VIP Lounge offers more private and undisturbed seating for meetings and conversations.

Jonas Wagell is an architect and designer, with a background in project management and marketing. In 2008 , the international magazine Wallpaper* named him one of ”the hottest 50 young architects in the world”, and his Mini House concept won the Swedish Chamber of Commerce for the United Kingdom's ”2008 Innovation Award”.

In 2009, Wagell founded the design brand Happy Industry and rolled out their first collection, which Wallpaper* named ”Best of Stockholm Design Week 2009”.

The purpose of the Design Bar, which is a mixture of exhibit and bar, is to showcase a Swedish designer or group. In previous years, the designers have included the Marge architectural practice, the Front design group, the BrobergRidderstråle design duo, the Save our Souls design duo, and last year, the Camp Site designer collective.