Appo by Carlo Trevisani

Milan designer Carlo Trevisani has created a cork product that transforms empty wine bottles into table centrepieces.

Called Appo, the cork dish plugs into the top of a variety of bottles, which can be filled with liquid to weight the base.

Photographs are by Emanuele Zamponi.

The text below is from the designer:


self production 2009

A dilated bottle cork like element transformed into a centrepiece fitting one, ten or hundreds of bottles.

A simple intuition blinking to the concept of sustainability: empty bottles, aren't recycled but re-utilized.

Appo's function is justly declared in the very moment it is fixed upon the bottle working as its base. Intentionally essential in its shape, studied in consideration of diverse possible centres of mass, the object assumes multiple formal identities thanks to the utilizer's final interpretation.

The standardized element becomes a unique item according to the assigned bottle, offering infinite personalized options.

Material: cork conglomerate.
Dimensions: 180 mm diameter, 70 mm high