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Stud Chair by Hyung Suk Cho

Korean designer Hyung Suk Cho has designed a chair made of two curved wooden shells joined together with circular studs.

Called Stud, the wooden chair is supported by three steel legs.

Hyung Suk Cho has also created a matching table, with the same wooden component folded down over four steel legs.

Here's some more infomration from the designer:

The "Stud chair & table" is bending wood chair and table. The "Stud" means a small button like earrings. The "Stud chair & table" looks like wearing four small earrings! :) I want to design the chair composed by only one module.

The "Stud chair & table" solves this problem. Its back, sitting plate of chair and table are only one bending module.

So, it is made easily and its cost is cheaper than 2 modules or 3 modules design.

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