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House of Resonance by FORM/Kouichi Kimura Architects

Japanese studio FORM/Kouichi Kimura Architects have completed a house in Aichi, Japan, which was built to replace the family's existing home on the same site.

Called House of Resonance, the two-storey residence centres around a lightwell containing a staircase.

The first few steps of the staircase are an open metal design, leading to enclosed solid steps higher up.

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Photographs are by Takumi Ota.

The following information is from Kimura:

House of resonance

This is the small house for a couple, child, and cat.

The client lived for a long time in the old house that was built on the site. As the house became older, they decided to build a new house.

With such a background, a proposal was made to build “a house with fresh feeling in the familiar surroundings”.

The external appearance is established by assembling several volumes and laying out colors.

Careful arrangement of colors from volume to volume gives the façade depth, and produces as well an effective sequence to the entrance.

For the internal configuration, the stairway and open ceiling, which are positioned in the center as the core of the building, are surrounded by each room and courtyard.

The material, color, and light that match each room are selected to strongly express the space’s design.

As a result, the space sterically rises and horizontally creates migration, which mixes variety of material textures, colors, and lights together, succeeding in generating various feelings.

The migration of light and shadow, makes the space and life resonant with each other, and adds richness.

Architects: FORM/Kouichi Kimura Architects
Location: Aichi, Japan
Client: Private
Construction Year: 2010
Site Area: 235,52 m2
Constructed Area: 116,72 m2

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