Batavus Utility Bike by VanBerlo

Eindhoven designers VanBerlo have been awarded an iF gold award for their Batavus Utility Bike, which has a frame based on the shape of a paperclip.

The city bike has wide tyres and a coaster-brake mechanism, with the down tube and top tube made from a single bent pipe.

The design was one of 50 projects to be awarded at the ceremony in Hanover yesterday.

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Here's some more information from the designers :

On the 2nd of March 2010 VanBerlo has won an iF Gold award, one of the most prestigious international product design prizes with the Batavus Utility Bike. During the concept development phase at the VanBerlo design studio, the paperclip was used for inspiration which can be seen best in the shape of the frame of the bike. Functionality and urban lifestyle were the fundamental motivation during this process. With its comfortable riding position and internal gears the BUB captures the successful characteristics of the original bike but because of the chunky extra-wide tyres and colourful elements it’s a totally new city bike.

The design of the Batavus BUB uses the paperclip as a theme for its functional simplicity and iconic personality. The BUB (Batavus Utility Bike) transforms the legendary ‘granny bike’ into an all new ‘city bike’. Incorporating those same qualities as before, the BUB has a comfortable, durable and lightweight construction, with chunky extra-wide tyres. It is fun to ride and fits the needs perfectly of modern day city life. The innovative single bent tube and the interchangeable coloured parts create a unique and customisable bike, full of personal expression. The accessories, for example the panniers are also designed with the paperclip in mind, merging functionality and fashion.

With its extensive awareness of consumer and mobility trends, VanBerlo has created a unique new image for the Batavus brand that stands out in the modern urban environment.