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über-design bicycles bu biomega

LDN by Ross Lovegrove and NYC by KiBiSi for Biomega

Danish bicycle company Biomega launch two new bikes today, one by London designer Ross Lovegrove and the other by Danish design collective KiBiSi.

über-design bicycles bu biomega

LDN (top and above) is by Lovegrove and has a wishbone shaped one-piece carbon fibre frame with a hole to save weight and allow the bike to be wall-hung.

über-design bicycles bu biomega

NYC (above and below) is by KiBiSi and has an aluminium frame with an integrated mudguard and carbon fibre belt drive instead of a traditional chain.

über-design bicycles bu biomega

Both bicycles go on display at the Eurobike and Interbike shows in September, with LDN also on display at the SHOWHOW design exhibition in Tent London between 23 and 26 September.

über-design bicycles bu biomega

Here's some more from the designers:

Biomega introduces two new über-design bicycles for urban locomotion

Biomega renews its curatorial commitment to cherry picking the world’s top designers to design its bicycles. Ross Lovegrove displays his organic essentialist sensibility through his fresh vision of an integrated bicycle. His integrated solutions and groundbreaking design makes the LDN bicycle a true urban tool. While Danish design super group KiBiSi stirs things up with an innovative newcomer NYC, following Biomega’s heritage of chainless bikes featuring a belt drive for smooth urban commuting and an integrated mudguard.

Copenhagen, Denmark - August 20th, 2010: Biomega once again combines groundbreaking design with strong urban references and technical features to accommodate modern city lifestyle. The result is two striking city bikes for effective commuting in style, bringing the feel of something unique while moving through the cityscape.

The LDN bike, designed by organic essentialist Ross Lovegrove, and the NYC, designed by Danish design group KiBiSi, both follow the Biomega philosophy of “furniture for urban locomotion”. Classic and honest in their style and function, they meet the specific needs of city dwellers.

A true urban tool The LDN amazes with its stunning design by London based Ross Lovegrove. Its frame is made from carbon fiber sheets formed and layered to make a stiff and lightweight one-piece monocoque structure. LDN’s form is derived from a wishbone, linking all the necessary components of the drive steering and drives systems in the most direct and economical way possible. The hole is there to lighten the bike’s mass and to provide a detail from which to hang the bicycle on the wall, thereby saving space in restricted urban interiors. All moving parts of the bicycle are state-of-the-art selections designed to make LDN a true urban tool.

The potential of a classic The NYC takes its cue from the iconic Biomega bicycle CPH, reinvigorating Biomega's status as a pioneer of chainless bikes - this time with a smooth, quiet carbon fiber belt drive. The NYC's sleek and no-nonsense look integrates a front mudguard in the aluminum down tube complimenting its aggressive, yet reliable urban driving properties. The NYC is designed by the three creative forces of Danish design group, KiBiSi, with the ambition to create an honest means of transport with the potential of a classic. Biomega dedicates this ultimate bicycle to the ultimate city - NYC.

NYC features

- Designed by KiBiSi - Aluminum frame - Belt drive - Integrated mudguard in down tube - Single or 8 speed
- 26 inch wheels - Unisize
Colors: Aspen Pearl White, African Yellow, Aluminum Silver and Dragon Black
NYC available from spring 2011

LDN features

- Designed by Ross Lovegrove - Carbon frame - Shaft drive - 8 speed
- 26 inch wheels - Unisize
Colors: Aspen Pearl White, African Yellow and Raw Carbon
LDN is build on order

The LDN bicycle will be displayed at the SHOWHOW design exhibition in Tent London on September 23rd to 26th 2010, while both LDN and NYC will be presented at the Eurobike and Interbike shows in September 2010.

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