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Shade by Simon Heijdens

Shade by Simon Heijdens

London designer Simon Heijdens has applied a special film to windows at the Art Institute Chicago that creates constantly-changing shadows in response to weather conditions outside.

Shade by Simon Heijdens

Each triangle in the grid is linked to sensors that monitor wind currents past the outside of the glass, causing the panels to change their level of opacity.

Shade by Simon Heijdens

The projections are therefore constantly changing, depending on the wind conditions and path of the sun over the course of a day.

Shade by Simon Heijdens

The installation is part of the Hyperlinks exhibition on show until 20 July 2011.

Shade by Simon Heijdens

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The following information is from Heijdens:

Shade, a new installation by Simon Heijdens commissioned by the Art Institute of Chicago launched as part of the Hyperlinks exhibition.

A responsive skin to the windows of a building that filters daylight into a moving projection of shadows that translates the ever-changing natural timeline of the outdoor to the static and perpetual indoor space.

Shade is the launch of a new, self-developed material that applies as a film to glass surfaces, which through blocking and passing daylight forms a spacial projection of shadows and sunlight. The film holds a grid of triangles that each individually fade between transparent and opaque, and hence block or pass light. The graphic shadows projected on the floor, walls and ceiling of the space reveal the geometrical wind patterns that pass the building on the other side of the glass, as choreographed by the measurements of an outdoor sensor.

As the angle of light and patterns of wind are continuously changing throughout the day and year, the perpetual character of the artificial space is reconnected with an evolving, unplanned natural timeline.

Shade is commissioned by the Art Institute Chicago, and applied to the recently opened Modern Wing of the museum as part of the Hyperlinks exhibition that runs up to July 20, 2011.

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