Forest Spoon by Nendo

Forest Spoon by Nendo

Japanese designers Nendo have created these spoons with a bird profile on the branched handle, designed to resemble a forest when grouped together.

Forest Spoon by Nendo

100,000 of the products, called Forest Spoon, will be given away as lottery prizes to customers of Japanese curry restaurant chain Coco Ichibanya.

Forest Spoon by Nendo

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Photographs are by Masayuki Hayashi.

The information that follows is from Nendo:


Our design for the Japan-wide curry chain restaurant Coco Ichibanya's annual 'Grandmother Curry' campaign, in which 100,000 lucky customers win curry spoons through a lottery.

Spoons are a tool for eating, and our world is full of spoons designed for that function. In contrast, we wanted to make a spoon that would be fun to look at when it wasn't in use. As part of this, we know that spoons are used on their own, but wanted to create a spoon design that would have a new charm when the spoons were brought together.

When our spoon is lying on its own on a kitchen shelf, it looks like a single tree. But when you assemble a number of spoons, our design creates a 'landscape' in the home.

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