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This week on Dezeen

This week on Dezeen

The top stories on Dezeen this week are all about slides, skyscrapers and animal products.

Microsoft Headquarters in Vienna by Innocad

There's nothing like playground equipment to make a corporate environment more fun and this week slides have cropped up in an airport lounge and new offices for Microsoft.

Renzo Piano sent us the first image of a 620-metre-tall tower he's designing for Seoul and we featured another skyscraper by KPF for the same new business district with a swimming pool cantilevered precariously off the side. The Yongsan International Business District of Seoul has been dubbed the "3dmax battleground" by one of our readers and others are starting to question whether any of these skyscrapers will really take shape.

Meanwhile vegans were vexed by a range of objects covered in scraps of leather including fish and pig skin, while most readers where too skeptical about a scheme to make bio-engineered stingrays into customised shoes to worry about the ethics.

Craftica by Formafantasma

Readers are also concerned by the designers who want to implant artificial organs in the human body to replace water bottles.

Bio-Customized Sneakers by Rayfish

Our most popular story features a building in Buenos Aires that could either be used for offices or apartments and we've also got a chicken coop shaped like a protective wing, a gallery protected by chain mail and a theatre by Frank Gehry for your perusal.

Once Building by Adamo-Faiden

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