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Lustre pendant lamps by Tom Dixon

London Design Festival: London designer Tom Dixon will launch a range of iridescent stoneware pendant lights at next month's London Design Festival.

Lustre by Tom Dixon

The Lustre shades are glazed with a mixture of minerals and precious metals that react unpredictably when fired so that every piece is unique.

Lustre by Tom Dixon

They come in four shapes and are the first ceramic lighting pieces from Dixon.

Lustre by Tom Dixon

He showed the prototypes at MOST in Milan in April and will launch the products as part of lighting show Luminosity at his headquarters The Dock during the London Design Festival, which takes place from 14 to 23 September.

Lustre by Tom Dixon

Watch Dixon give Dezeen a tour of The Dock in our movie filmed earlier this year here or below.

Lustre by Tom Dixon

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Here's some more information from Tom Dixon:

Lustre is the latest discovery in our continued exploration of extraordinary metallic finishes. The iridescent sheen is created by firing the stoneware shades at 1200°C using a top-secret glaze containing minerals and precious metals. The end result is a striking colour change effect reminiscent of peacock feathers or oil slicks on water.

The handmade process results in a totally unique and unrepeatable finish for each individual object. No two shades look the same as the glaze fixes to the stoneware in an unpredictable way. This produces a wide spectrum of colour across each light, ranging from a pale lime to a deep bottle green. It is this inherent beauty and diversity that we are championing. Each customer owns something different.

The shade reflects and refracts an extraordinary spectrum of colours both internally and when lit from outside. The first stoneware object in our collection, it is available in 4 geometric designs inspired by a collision of Mayan temples and Art Deco constructions.

Available in four shapes: Round, Square, Wedge and Flat.

Movie: Tom Dixon at The Dock