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Dezeen Music Project exclusive: I Could See You As A Mayan by Brian Lewis Smith

American musician Brian Lewis Smith has made his latest track I Could See You As A Mayan available exclusively to Dezeen Music Project. Right now, this is the only place you'll be able to hear it.

I Could See You As A Mayan is a gentle, lo-fi instrumental with delicate keyboard melodies and bass-lines that emerge from the warm crackle of tape fuzz. "It was the first time that I used a cassette tape recorder extensively," Smith told Dezeen Music Project. "The idea was to amplify all of the little crunch and hiss sounds that come from using older gear in order to create a bed of texture that the tune can lay upon."

This production technique provides the perfect platform for Smith, whose background is in jazz music, to demonstrate his musicianship. Melodic phrases weave intricately in and out of earshot throughout the track, with subtle variations and flourishes that only reveal themselves after repeat listens.

You can listen to another track by Brian Lewis Smith that we featured on Dezeen Music Project last year here.

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