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Wire cage supports disc-shaped diffuser in Front's Plane lamp for Zero

Stockholm 2016: thin metal strands support the circular diffuser and strip of LEDs in these lamps by Stockholm studio Front (+ movie).

Created for Swedish brand Zero, Front's Plane lamp comprises a frame holding a moulded acrylic lens, which is suspended from a powder-coated cage. It is available in both floor and pendant versions.

Zero lamp by Front

Eight steel wires gathered together at one end splay outward to form the bars, which support the circular aluminium band containing the LEDs.

The disc-shaped diffuser appears transparent when the light is off, but fully illuminates and directs light equally up and down when switched on.

"We were inspired by the light source material, it is completely transparent and works as a lens to spread the light," said Front co-founder Anna Lindgren.

Zero lamp by Front

"We wanted to let the technology be the a strong feature of the design so we created a simple grid to hold the light plane."

In the pendant version, the wires curve downwards to suspend the ring, while the cage is positioned the other way up for the floor lamp so the light source sits at the top.

Zero lamp by Front

The stand is formed by an additional four wires that angle outward from the joint to points on a circular base.

Plane comes in a range of bright and soft colours, including red, yellow, green and black.

Founded by Lindgren with Charlotte von der Lancken and Sofia Lagerkvist, Front has previously designed spherical glass lamps for Zero that appear to be steamed up.

Zero lamp by Front

The Plane lamps were launched by the brand at Stockholm Furniture Fair, which took place from 9 to 13 February 2016.

Other lighting presented at the fair included a steel and marble floor lamp adjusted with a sliding mechanism, and a translucent glass table lamp by Inga Sempé.

Front has also recently launched a collection of wallpapers that are patterned to look like paper cut-outs.