Made by Humans digital installation by Universal Everything

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Made by Humans by Universal Everything

UK studio Universal Everything motion-captured a dancer to make this animation, which is projected onto the world's highest-resolution screen (+ movie).

"We choreographed a contemporary dancer in a motion capture studio," Universal Everything founder Matt Pyke told Dezeen. "We then transformed the motion capture data into a digital sculpture, formed from the trails of human movement."

Made by Humans by Universal Everything

The hundreds of white light points that form the dancing figure become strands that glow yellow, then red, before solidifying into blue as the dancer moves across the screen.

Universal Everything produced animations at a highly detailed 16K resolution for the 25-metre-wide by four-metre-high screen in the Hyundai Vision Hall, located at the South Korean motor group's Seoul campus.

Made by Humans by Universal Everything

"The film was produced at such a high resolution to achieve a life-sized dancer moving through the space," said Pyke.

The studio and various collaborators created 18 short films for the hall to turn it into "a space that inspires leaders, engineers, scientists, workers and designers to learn, rethink, and collaborate."

Made by Humans by Universal Everything

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