Google doodle celebrates Saul Bass

Google Doodle celebrates graphic designer Saul Bass

News: Google has honoured American graphic designer Saul Bass with an animated doodle based on his iconic Hollywood title sequences and movie posters.

The doodle, which celebrates what would have been Bass' 93rd birthday, animates Google's logo to play on the designer's best-known work.

Bass created the opening sequences and posters for dozens of movies over five decades, including Alfred Hitchcock classics Vertigo and Psycho, Stanley Kubrick's The Shining and Martin Scorcese's Goodfellas.

Google doodle celebrates Saul Bass

He also designed corporate logos, including the bell and globe icons for telecommunications firm AT&T and United Airlines' tulip logo. He died in 1996 aged 75.

Last year Google paid tribute to architect Mies van der Rohe with a doodle celebrating his 126th birthday.

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