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Scrooser electric scooter gets funding boost

News: a fat-wheeled electric concept vehicle that you ride standing up like a child's scooter has achieved its funding target on Kickstarter, allowing final development to go ahead (+ slideshow).


The Scrooser, developed by a German company of the same name, beat its $120,000 target on the crowd-funding website. The firm will now finalise the design of its "impulse drive" motor, which sits within the hub of the rear wheel and delivers a burst of power each time the rider uses their foot to propel the vehicle forward.

Scrooser electric scooter

Scrooser founder Jens Thieme described the product as "a completely new vehicle category." He added: "“We are very happy with the success of Scrooser on Kickstarter. With the fresh capital, we can now take final developments of our innovative Impulse Drive and we get a lot closer to our goal. "

Scrooser electric scooter

The motor automatically kicks in to boost the rider's propulsion at speeds of over 2 miles per hour, but disengages when the rider uses the brake. The vehicle has a top speed of 15 miles per hour.

"A perfect pace for maneuvering through the city among pedestrian filled sidewalks is around 6 mph" the company's website explains, "but feel free to race cyclists on bike paths at a maximum speed of up to 15 mph."

With wide wheels and a low centre of gravity, the Scrooser remains upright when the rider dismounts. The 1000W motor provides direct power to the rear wheel, without the need for gears or chains.

A rechargeable lithium-ion battery located beneath the footboard can provide power for up to 25 days, and takes around 3 hours to recharge via a standard power outlet.

Measuring 1.75 metres and weighing 28kg, the scooter features a frame made of aluminium tube formed by a process called “freeform 3D bending". The Scrooser also features a low seat, integrated lock and LED lights for riding at night.