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Pure Advance Flex foldable electric scooter by Pure Electric

Pure Advance Flex e-scooter folds down to size of cabin bag

UK company Pure Electric has created a foldable electric scooter with footpads on either side of the chassis, allowing riders to adopt a "natural forward-facing stance".

The Pure Advance Flex scooter was designed to be compacted down into a neat package so it can be easily be carried around and stowed away in small urban homes.

Electric scooter by Pure Electric
The Pure Advance Flex scooter is designed to be folded down

The design is a foldable version of the brand's Pure Advance e-scooter, which launched in 2022 and allows riders to face completely forward while riding much like a Segway to provide greater stability, control and overall safety.

Unlike conventional e-scooters, where riders stand with one foot in front of the other, the Pure Advance has dedicated footpads that allow for a more intuitive and comfortable riding position, according to the company.

Footpads next to chassis of Pure Advance Flex foldable electric scooter
Two footpads next to the chassis encourage a forward-facing position

"The Pure Advance Flex aims to replace the image of a children's toy with one of an electric vehicle suited to adults, commuters and urban riders," Pure Electric explained.

"With rider experience and safety at the core of the design process, the Pure Advance Flex has been designed from the ground up, enabling the rider to take a natural forward-facing stance, with feet apart."

In addition to improving overall stability, the new format allows riders to shift their weight slightly to either side when steering, just like when riding a bike.

Other advantages of the riding position, according to Pure Electric, include the ability to turn more easily in either direction to be able to check for hazards

The scooter also features the firm's Pure Control system, which uses a spring-loaded steering mechanism to self-centre the front wheel and improve the scooter's stability.

Size comparison of foldable electric scooter by Pure Electric next to Brompton bike and carry-on suitcase
The compact scooter is smaller than a cabin bag when folded down

When not in use, the Pure Advance Flex can be folded down using a catch on the side of the chassis, allowing the front end to swing around under its own weight to align with the rear section.

The footpads hinge upwards while the handlebars and stem fold down to create a compact package, slightly smaller than a carry-on suitcase.

According to Pure Electric, the new riding format and folding features were incorporated without compromising the scooter's performance, which is based on a 500-watt motor and batteries offering up to 50 kilometres of range.

Close-up of wheel on Pure Advance Flex foldable electric scooter
Its front wheel is self-centring

Hyundai has previously developed a prototype foldable scooter that could be charged using the energy generated by its cars while Mercari R4D created an inflatable scooter that can be transported inside a backpack.

Pure Advance Flex has made it to the shortlist in the product design category of the Dezeen Awards 2023 alongside projects including Samsung's Galaxy Z Flip4 smartphone and an e-bike by German brand Lemmo that can also be used as a traditional manual bicycle.