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"We wanted to wake people's curiosity about whisky"

Movie: Swedish designers Front have created a whisky-serving set for whisky brand Ballantine's 12 that can be stacked into a balancing tower. In this Dezeen movie, Front's Sofia Lagerkvist explains how the project was informed by a visit to the Ballantine's production facilities in Scotland.

Ballance by Front for Ballantine's 12

Called Ballance, Front's sculpture for Ballantine's 12 year-old blended whisky comprises an oak coaster, whisky glass, copper ice container, water jug and a copper spoon that fit together to create a seemingly precarious stack. The five individual pieces can be taken apart and used to serve whisky.

We wanted to wake people's curiosity about the whiskey

"We were invited by Ballantine's to create an object that celebrates the ritual of drinking whisky," explains Lagerkvist in the movie.

"We have made hand-crafted objects that we have balanced on top of each other in a seemingly magical way. We really wanted to create a magical element to our object because we wanted to wake people's curiosity about the whisky."

We wanted to wake people's curiosity about the whiskey

Lagerkvist goes on to explain that several elements of the sculpture are informed by the whisky-making process itself.

"We went to Scotland to see the intricate production of making whisky," she says. "We made a coaster that is a reference to the oak barrels that they use in the production."

She adds: "The copper container, which is for the ice, relates to the copper stills."

We wanted to wake people's curiosity about the whiskey

The square water jug is a reference to the distinctive shape of the Ballantine's 12 bottle, Lagerkvist says, while for the whisky glass itself Front sought the advice of Ballantine's master blender Sandy Hyslop.

"We asked the master blender what kind of glass he would prefer, what would be the ultimate glass for him," Lagerkvist explains.

"He described a glass with a rounded bottom that you can keep in your hand, which warms the whisky and contributes to the flavour. It also has a slightly tapered top, which keeps the aroma close to the nose."

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Sofia Lagerkvist of Front