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Dezeen Music Project exclusive: binaural mix of Woven Ancestry by Max Cooper

To mark the release of his debut album Human, which came out last week, techno producer Max Cooper has exclusively shared a binaural mix with us, which features the new album’s lead track Woven Ancestry.

Binaural recordings create a 3D sound experience: music seems to come from multiple different directions, as if you were sitting in the room with the musicians. The effect only works if you’re listening with headphones, though. So put on a pair of cans, close your eyes, and immerse yourself in the music!

The mix, which was recorded live and also features the tracks Meadows and Gravity Well, was created using 4DSOUND, a rig consisting of 48 speakers arranged in 16 columns, which allows producers to spatially design the sounds within tracks. You can watch a video of Cooper explaining the project here.

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