Wooden bench collection modelled on piano stools by Mia Cullin

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Mia Cullin models wooden benches on piano stools for Orkester collection

Swedish architect and designer Mia Cullin has produced a range of benches and stools with adjustable seats modelled on traditional wooden peg furniture and piano stools.

Orkester bench collection by Mia Cullin

Mia Cullin's Orkester collection features benches with two or three seats as well as individual stools. The flat circular seats are attached to cylindrical pieces of timber by large wooden screws.

Four wooden legs are splayed from beneath the horizontal section of wood.

Orkester bench collection by Mia Cullin

Mia Cullin said the design was influenced by a type of piano stool with an adjustable seat and "simple traditional wooden furniture assembled with plugs without any screws or metal fittings".

"As the seats are adjustable, you can choose the height suitable for you but still sit next to your friends, parent or child," explained Cullin.

Orkester bench collection by Mia Cullin

The furniture is made entirely from ash wood, without the use of any screws or metal fittings. It was designed for use in schools and nurseries, but can also be used in waiting rooms, entrances and other public spaces.

Orkester bench collection by Mia Cullin

The benches and stools come in natural or stained colour variations. Photography is by Mathias Nero.