Drug-inspired music video by Charles de Meyer for Stunts by Raveyards

Charles de Meyer creates drug-inspired music video for Stunts by Raveyards

Dezeen Music Project: "LSD" was the one-word brief set by dance act Raveyards for director Charles de Meyer, who responded by combining multiple exposure photography and animated projections to create a "trippy" visual effect.

Charles de Meyer video for Stunts by Raveyards

"The brief the band gave us was the shortest I had ever seen," said Belgium-based director Charles de Meyer, whose previous video for Raveyards' track Remember won a Young Director Award for Best European Music Video in 2012.

"All it read was 'LSD'. So to me, trippy colours were a must, and I really wanted to translate the hypnotic quality of the song in images."

Charles de Meyer video for Stunts by Raveyards

As the video opens, a head-on shot of a band member's face is shown overlaid with animated projections of colourful graphic shapes. As the shapes and colours move, the underlying image also begins to change to amalgamate parts of the face of each of the three band members, who were filmed separately in the same pose to create the material needed to produce this effect.

"I had split all the animations in three parts beforehand so that only a third of it would be projected on each of them while filming," explained de Meyer, who is the brother of the band's singer and songwriter. "Once all the pieces of footage we're superimposed again, it would make for a new, composite face, an amalgam of the three musicians."

Charles de Meyer video for Stunts by Raveyards

The majority of the effects were created in-shot, with post-production effects mostly limited to the superimposition of selections of footage. "There are no additional colour-grading or effects," said de Meyer. "All of it comes directly from the projected animations."

The layers of colours and photography build to a crescendo as the shot then zooms out to show a full body image against a background of a small projector screen and an otherwise blank and empty space.

Charles de Meyer video for Stunts by Raveyards

"I applied the exact same technique with images projected behind them as well, so their silhouettes would, in part or in turn, also be revealed," said de Meyer.