Google enlists Diane von Furstenberg to turn Glass headsets into fashion accessories

News: the latest attempt to shift the "nerdwear" reputation of Google Glass is a collection of headsets by Diane von Furstenberg that look more like traditional eyewear.

Google has collaborated with American fashion designer Diane von Furstenberg to create the Made for Glass series of frames for its wearable headset.

The voice-controlled device lets users send and receive messages, take pictures and films, and search the web hands-free.

Google Glass collection by Diane Von Furstenberg

The new designs include a pair of sunglasses with a single unframed tinted lens and glasses with a translucent red frame. Each incorporates the camera and reflector on the right hand side, while some feature Von Furstenberg's monogram on the left lens.

Five pairs of glasses and eight sunglasses designs will be available through the Google Glass website and online retailer Net-a-Porter from 23 June.

The move by Google to develop the headsets into consumer-friendly products comes after it announced a partnership with eyewear company Luxottica in March.

Google Glass collection by Diane Von Furstenberg

This followed the attack of a woman wearing Google Glass in a San Francisco bar earlier that month.

Von Furstenberg has been an advocate for the technology since she filmed a behind-the-scenes look at her September 2012 New York Fashion Week show using the device. A movie demonstrating some of the headset's features was first unveiled in February 2013.

When Dezeen interviewed Google X lab designer Isabelle Olsson earlier this year, she revealed that the technology looked like a cross between a scuba mask and a cellphone when she joined the company in 2011. See more stories about Google Glass »