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Sungsin Eo designs foam display system for child-friendly exhibitions

Royal College of Art graduate Sungsin Eo has designed a foam display and seating system for museums to present information to children in an engaging and playful way (+ movie).

The four pieces in the Exhibitions for Children collection by Sungsin Eo include display units for both multimedia screens and artefacts, and bench-like seating.

Museum furniture made from foam by Sungsin Eo

The pieces are made from recycled chipped foam and silicone, which is spray-painted in an ice-cream colour palette.

Eo looked into how London's iconic museums cater for the needs of children, then decided to concentrate on improving exhibition spaces and how children interact with exhibition material.

Museum furniture made from foam by Sungsin Eo

"I want to create interesting environments for children," she told Dezeen. "They are always active and curious - everything is worth exploring with all of their senses. London provides a wonderful resource within museums for children to learn and play."

Eo cuts the foam into the required shape, covers it with silicone or a sprayed primer and finally adds colours, selected from the palette already present with the chipped foam.

Museum furniture made from foam by Sungsin Eo

"I chose soft, tactile and robust materials to encourage young people to interact with the exhibition in a positive way," she said. "Children can experience this display system and play with the materials of exhibition furniture at the same time."

The weight and shape of the pieces enable easy transportation while the angles ensure displays can be clearly viewed from child-height.

Museum furniture made from foam by Sungsin Eo

Exhibitions for Children was on display as part of the Royal College of Art's Show RCA degree show in London last month.

The show also featured a pop-up umbrella made from just six parts and knitted sensors that control everyday products.