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Ding3000's Coasterlight holds drink mats beneath a candle

German design studio Ding3000 has created a cast-iron candle holder for Danish brand QDO that holds six coasters within its base.

Ding3000's Coasterlight brings together two tableware items – one a permanent fixture and one used more intermittently.

Coasterlight by Ding3000

"Combining a candle holder with a coaster dispenser is for us a very logical combination, since both items are needed at the table," the designers told Dezeen.

"The candle holder is an object that can be used as a permanent decorative and warming item whilst the coasters serve to protect the table, so are not needed all the time. Thus they need storage space."

Coasterlight by Ding3000

The cork coasters are sandwiched between two cast-iron elements: a disk that forms the base and the candle holder above. The weight of the top presses down on the lighter circular mats to hold them in place.

Up to six coasters can be stored beneath the candlestick, which can also be stood on its own when all the mats are in use.

Coasterlight by Ding3000

The designers chose the different materials for the product to create a contrast between warm and cold.

"We love the feel and weight of cast iron. A material that has been used for kitchen and table accessories throughout human history, like the beautifully crafted Japanese Tetsubin teapots," said the designers, who also created a set of drinking glasses that stack to take up less room in the cupboard.

Coasterlight by Ding3000

"In contrast to this material we found cork the perfect companion. In addition to its warm character it offers the perfect soft quality to place glasses on."

More previous products by Ding3000 include a high-tech version of the Penny Farthing and coffee tables for Normann Copenhagen with interlocking wooden legs based on a Japanese puzzle.