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Wooden tray replaces one arm of LaSelva's Cosmo sofa

Spanish furniture brand Missana has launched a hand-upholstered three-seater sofa by product design studio LaSelva that integrates a wooden drinks tray (+ slideshow).

Cosmo by La Selva for Missana

The Cosmo sofa comprises a pine and beech frame with steam-bent beech armrests and handmade upholstery.

The wooden tray replaces an arm on one side, adding a convenient surface for placing down drinks or books.

Cosmo by La Selva for Missana

LaSelva's design is the first to launch from a new modular collection by Missana. Subsequent configurations will include a two-seater sofa, an armchair, and interchangeable armrests and trays.

"Cosmo was inspired by the concept of modularity – individual elements that can come together to form a unique piece that will fit the space and users' needs," designers David Galvañ and Manuel Bañó of La Selva told Dezeen.

Cosmo by La Selva for Missana

The design also features a set of large rounded cushions, including a long horizontal pad that forms the seat. Smaller cushions for the backrests and arms are each held up by their own support. Vertical wooden elements curve up from the frame and are capped with a horizontal bar that the cushion rests against.

"We wanted all the elements to have something in common with the sofa and by themselves so we decided to add a wooden structure that could link the upholstery to the base," said the designers.

Cosmo by La Selva for Missana

Cosmo is the first sofa the duo has designed since setting up their studio, which operates between Valencia and Mexico City.

"It has been a challenge to meet the needs of Missana and our own," La Selva said. "Every product produced by Missana is handmade, we wanted to take advantage of their knowhow, making every sofa unique, not only in its production process but in its final shape and colours."

Cosmo by La Selva for Missana

"Every space has different needs and that meeting these needs is very important," added the designers.

The sofa is available in a wide range of colours and fabrics.

Photography is by David Rodríguez and Carlos Huecas of Cualiti Photo Studio.